4 Garage Exterior Makeover Ideas To Boost Curb Appeal

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The exterior of your home and garage say a lot about you as a homeowner. Boosting your curbside appeal requires tidying up the entire property, including garages which are far too often ignored by homeowners trying to bolster their property value. Many homeowners want to spice up their exterior but don’t have any garage exterior ideas to implement in their renovations. 

Luckily, some exciting garage door makeover ideas can turn an eyesore into a neighborhood art piece. Here are four garage exterior ideas for homeowners in need of a makeover. 

4 Garage Exterior Ideas To Improve Curb Appeal

Don’t ignore your garages when thinking of ways to improve your home’s curb appeal. These simple garage exterior ideas are sure to elevate your property’s look and value. 

1. Add Some Colored Designs To Your Garage Door 

Bland garage doors can diminish the curbside appeal of your house and even negatively impact your property’s value during an estimate. Colored designs that catch the eye without appearing too gaudy can rejuvenate your garage exterior and make you the talk of the neighborhood. 

Some homeowners choose bold crimsons or deep purples to ensure their garage exterior is stark and contrasts nicely with the actual home itself. These vivid colors help your garage stand out from others nearby which rely on more neutral and bland colors. Others opt for hand-painted murals or designs that add a unique flair to the garage door and go well with specialty homes. 

Commissioning a custom mural from a local artist is possible for homeowners who lack the artistic talents needed to decorate a garage exterior. Invest ample time when deciding on which colors or images you want depicted on your exterior to heighten your garage door curb appeal. 

2. Plentiful Planters Can Beautify Your Garage Exterior

Homeowners on the prowl for garage exterior ideas should consider adding planters they can fill with seasonal plants or artificial arrangements to impress passersby. Colorful perennials that can thrive all year long are popular, but those living in cold states where certain plants wither in the winter may opt for artificial arrangements that include seasonal decorations. 

Garage door makeover ideas often focus solely on the actual door and not enough on the nearby surroundings. Vines, potted evergreens, and flowering shrubs can all dramatically increase your garage door curb appeal by injecting some foliage and natural decorations into the mix. Even a few planters in front of or next to a garage can help beautify property dealing with crumbling concrete or other visual woes. 

3. Re-Pave Your Driveway 

No homeowner wants to grapple with the hassle of a crumbling concrete driveway that’s difficult to park on and unappealing to look at. Redoing the driveway is a garage exterior idea that’s often ignored because it’s assumed to be prohibitively expensive. In reality, failing to redo your driveway over time can lead to drainage issues that could impact your yard. 

A smooth, attractive asphalt driveway that’s freshly paved does wonders for your garage door curb appeal. It also bolsters property value across the board. Sealing your existing cracks may work as a temporary stopgap measure but will still appear ugly in the eyes of your neighbors. Sometimes, a simple repaving of your driveway can stave off a far more expensive replacement of the entire driveway and its subterranean base. 

Want to combine two garage exterior ideas to get the best of both worlds? Redoing your driveway is a great opportunity to include a few planters at the base of the drive or near the garage itself. The combination of the two will make your house the highlight of the neighborhood. 

4. Add Lovely Stone Veneer To Your Garage Columns 

Garage columns that support your structure are a pivotal part of any home, yet they’re often ignored by homeowners who seek to beautify the property. Garage exterior ideas like planters or a fresh coat of paint can help, but serious boosts to your curbside appeal and property value can be achieved by adding stone veneer around your garage exterior. 

Be.On Stone’s veneer panels can easily be installed on your garage column to give your house a sturdier appearance. Built with an innovative D.RAIN system, these stone veneer panels are weather resistant and can withstand harsh winds and winter weather with ease. These easy-to-install panels can be assembled by contractors or handy homeowners who want a new design that won’t break the budget. 

Pro Tip: Curb appeal is something that is important to not only homeowners, but with the entire neighborhood. Remember to consult your homeowner’s association before making changes to the exterior of your home.

Improve Curb Appeal With Be.On Stone

Garage door makeover ideas that are purely superficial don’t go far enough. Be On Stone’s stone veneer panels will substantially strengthen your house while also enhancing its visual flair. Protecting your investment starts with Be.On Stone’s experts who are ready and eager to help you up your garage door curb appeal with some simple stone solutions.