Best Exterior Siding Combinations With Stone Veneer

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Homeowners who sort through the most popular siding combinations before beginning expensive renovations will always achieve better results. Beautifying your home, improving curb appeal, and raising property value start with pairing together the best siding and trim color combinations. To do that, you need to review which siding combinations hold up against inclement weather while boosting curbside appeal.

Ready to improve the value of your home? Here are the best exterior siding combinations that use stone veneer to achieve the greatest look. 

The Timeless Aesthetic of Stone Siding Combinations

Many materials pair well with the stoic timelessness of stone siding that gives a sturdy and natural look to any home. The most popular siding combinations include wood, vinyl, fiber cement, and steel. Each combination comes with various perks, though some are more expensive than others and may require the help of experts for proper application. 

Wood Siding Combinations

Wood siding combinations are incredibly common because they’re affordable and usually easy to install. Many homeowners may even take it upon themselves to implement DIY wood siding renovations without the help of costly contractors. Once they review siding and trim color combinations that appeal to them, they can paint the wood to boost curb appeal and add a personal touch to the exterior of their property. 

Wood siding combinations are seldom as sturdy as other options like steel, stone veneer, or fiber cement, however. Homeowners who rely on wooden siding combinations may have to reapply their exterior siding more often than those who invest in more durable options. Swelling and warping can also occur in very moist climates at the homeowner’s expense. 

Wood siding options are often paired with stone veneer on patios and outdoor spaces for a great effect. A poolside patio with wood and stone veneer siding also pairs excellently with modern outdoor furniture and lighting fixture setups. 

Steel Siding Combinations 

Homeowners with stone veneer and steel siding combinations enjoy incredibly rugged structures that can withstand high winds carrying ice and other debris. Dark black and gray steel siding combinations pair well with the colors of most stone veneer, too. These siding combinations are usually more expensive and time-consuming to install initially but will endure for longer than wooden siding combinations. 

This option is popular for homeowners looking into cold weather siding combinations. Ideal in both cold and wet climates, stone and steel siding combinations usually give off a distinctly modern look. 

Fiber Cement Siding Combinations

Homeowners in search of low-cost siding combinations that are nevertheless rugged often opt for fiber cement siding combinations. The experts at Be.On Stone point out that these fiber cement siding combinations usually consist of sand, clay, cement, and wood pulp. Cheap to acquire and easily painted, this option is ideal for homeowners who want to pair siding and roof color combinations for a vibrant exterior look. 

Vinyl Siding Combinations 

Vinyl siding combinations are found across much of the United States and are admired for their affordability. They can also withstand wet weather and flying debris fairly well. Vinyl and stone veneer siding combinations often feature stone at the bottom to ensure the house has a stoic foundation. 

Vinyl siding combinations are popular with homeowners who enjoy distinct colors for their exterior. These vinyl combinations come in nearly any color a homeowner can desire, with the ageless slate of stone pairing well with vivid blues and gray vinyl siding. 

Stone And Stucco Siding Combinations

Homeowners who intend to retire in their current dwelling often love stucco siding because it’s incredibly long-lasting. Stone and stucco siding combinations are thus incredibly durable, largely because of the epoxy in the stucco mixture. The exterior is protected by the stucco finish that avoids chips and cracks while pairing beautifully with strong stone veneer siding. 

Stone and stucco siding combinations are naturally resistant to insects and will hold up well to fire compared to other options like wood or vinyl. This low-maintenance option gives homeowners peace of mind and affords them many opportunities to sort through siding and trim color combinations that catch their eye, as stucco can be painted with ease.

Find The Best Siding Combinations With Be On Stone

Ready to install the best siding combinations that will boost your curbside appeal? Be.On Stone’s patented stone veneer panels can beautify your house while keeping it safe from the elements. Our quick and easy installation methods ensure your life isn’t disrupted during the speedy renovation process and always guarantee high-quality results to bolster the look of your home.

The Be.On Stone D.Rain system ensures the innovative stone panels protect your interior from harmful moisture. The patented draining system is far more efficient than old siding combinations that let in cold air, moisture, and critters of all sorts. You can rest assured that your home is in good hands with Be.On Stone.

Be.On Stone is available across the United States and Canada for homeowners looking for the best siding combinations in the business. Contact us today to enhance your home!