Stone Veneer Around Garage Door: Ideas & Installation Tips

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Looking for ideas for putting stone veneer around a garage door? You’ve come to the right place. 

This article discusses how you can use stone veneer around a garage door to add flair and curb appeal to your home. We’ll also discuss installation tips for a seamless installation around your garage door. Read on to see different style ideas and learn installation tips.

Style Ideas: Stone Veneer Around Garage Door

These four ideas will inspire your latest home project — putting stone veneer around your garage door. Keep in mind that these are only suggestions and you can take elements of several examples to create your own unique style.

The Seamless Transition

stone veneer around garage door

The first idea we have is to create a seamless transition between your home’s main siding and the stone veneer around the garage door. As you can see in this photo, these homeowners installed stone veneer alongside the front of their home, continuing the siding to the garage.

This creates a seamless flow and cohesive look to the front of the home. This is especially nice if you choose a contrasting siding and stone color combination like the rust orange siding in the image above.

Mosaic Style Stone Veneer

stone veneer around garage door

The mosaic style stone veneer combined with solid colored garage doors looks stunning on this homeowner’s property. The cream, gray, and brown stone colors create a dynamic and eye-catching appearance that makes this home stand out.

When putting stone veneer around a garage door, it can be fun to choose a patterned look as shown in the photo. Most people chose a single color stone, but this mixed panel gives dimension. 

Curved Garage Door With Stone Veneer

stone veneer around garage door

Stone veneer is a showstopper in its own right, but curved garage doors are another way to stand out. This homeowner installed natural colored stone veneer around their curved garage door.

This combination gives the home a custom feel as curved garage doors aren’t all that common. If you’re prepared to take on a bigger project, consider switching out your traditional garage doors with a curved variety, then adding stone veneer.

The contrast between the lighter colored stone veneer and the dark garage door creates an eye-catching pop. This photo also includes the seamless transition between the stone veneer around the garage door and on the house’s exterior.

The Split Siding Look

stone veneer around garage door

This home takes a unique approach to stone veneer around garage doors. The homeowners decided to only do the bottom three quarters of the garage area with stone veneer and put vertical plank siding on the top quarter.

The choice to do this almost gives the appearance of stone pillars between the garage doors. If you are looking for something outside of the box, you could replicate this look at home with Be.On Stone panels.

Hopefully these four examples gave you some inspiration for what look you’d like to achieve with stone veneer. Read on to learn some useful installation tips for stone veneer!

Tips for Installing Stone Veneer Around Garage Doors

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when starting your project.

  • Contact your HOA. It’s a good idea to contact your homeowners’ association to get any exterior changes approved before installing. 
  • Determine the proper amount of panels needed. For your project, you will need to calculate the correct number of stone veneer panels you will need. Divide the surface area you need to cover by two to get the number of panels needed. 
  • Buy extra panels. We suggest adding 3% more panels to your order in case you miscalculate your needs or something goes wrong.
  • Stagger the panels. For the most natural appearance, stagger your stone veneer panels in each row. True stone is not uniform so stagger helps achieve a more realistic stone look.
  • Install the final two rows simultaneously. We recommend installing the last two rows at the same time. This will make it easier to get a proper fit and slide the last panel into place easily.

For a complete guide to installing stone veneer, download our free installation guide.

Upgrade Your Garage With Be.On Stone

Be.On Stone’s mortarless stone veneer system makes installing stone veneer at home simple. Check out our line of stone veneer products and find them at a location near you. There’s no need to worry about the durability of stone veneer. Be.On Stone panels are long-lasting and even come with a 50-year transferable warranty.

Use the visualizer to get started planning your home project today. Contact us for more information.