The Dos (And Don’ts) of Siding and Stone Color Combinations

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Homeowners and contractors know that the look and longevity of a house impact its resale value and livability. What too few understand is that the right siding and stone color combinations can make all the difference in the world when wanting to beautify their existing structures.

Which siding and stone color combinations produce the best results? What mistakes should homeowners avoid at all costs when updating their siding? Here are the dos (and don’ts) of siding and stone color combinations that will elevate your property to the next level. 

3 Goals of Siding and Stone Color Combinations: Looks, Ease, and Longevity

Homeowners searching for the perfect siding and stone color combinations should have three goals in mind. The first is improving the outside look of your home to dramatically improve its resale value. The second is to find a combination that is easy to install, as this can and should be a stress-free process. Finally, identify the right combination that will last, ensuring the longevity of both your structure and its curbside appeal

Contractors will tell you that the right siding and stone color combinations can depend upon location, choices made by nearby homeowners, seasonal weather, and personal preference. An all-stone exterior can easily come off as drab, while too much colorful siding can be far too vibrant for the likes of most homeowners. 

Consider the following combinations when applying stone veneer to your home. 

Stone With White Siding 

White siding with stone veneer attached to the side of the home is quite popular across the United States. Pictures of houses with siding and stone are frequently dominated by the stark black/white contrast that this choice provides. Additionally, it can ensure a house stands out without being too flashy, especially in drab winter months when all is gray. 

Stone with white siding is often selected by modern homeowners who want their houses to give off a distinctly contemporary appearance. White siding with stone and the sleek, clean-cut look often go quite well together. Pictures of houses with siding and stone that feature this sleek look are usually more modern and overwhelmingly feature cooler colors. 

siding and stone color combinations

Stacked Stone Paired With Warm Colors

Those looking to elevate a home or business by adding additional depth to its structure should consider stacked stone with warm-colored siding. This style of exterior design is increasingly relied upon by modern businesses that want to add some architectural flair without going overboard. 

siding and stone color combinations

Stacked stone can be used to great effect when trying to give off a cozy feel in areas with bitter winters. This siding and stone color combination can also bolster the height of the structure in the eyes of its beholder. 

A High-Contrast Style

Homeowners who want to be the envy of the neighborhood should recognize that perfect siding and stone color combinations can be improved by finding a sleek, high-contrast style that gives your house sharp edges. Darker colored stone like Basalto from Be.On Stone is quick and easy to install and creates a nice contrast with lighter colors in most suburban environments.

Or the opposite works well, too. Add light-colored stone veneer siding with dark-colored paneling like in the image below to get a sleek, high-contrast look for your property. 

siding and stone color combinations

Which siding and stone color combinations are the best for your home? Figuring out the answer requires homeowners to ask themselves a few questions. 

FAQ About Siding and Stone Combinations 

Should my siding and stone colors match?

Most exterior design specialists will strongly caution against matching the colors of your stone and siding. Neutral colors (like brown) can meld well with most others, but try to avoid picking two very similar colors if you want to maximize the beauty of your structure. 

What colors should always be avoided?

Never say never, but remember that brighter and more vibrant colors can clash harshly with stone if they’re not carefully selected. Exotic colors that are rarely used by other homeowners may help your structure stand out, but could negatively impact resale value. Bright, near-neon colors like pink should virtually always be avoided, though some lighter and rosier shades of red can work well. 

Is it hard to install siding and stone combinations? 

Siding and stone combinations are ultimately quick and affordable to install, though it may take homeowners some time to comb through all of the siding and stone color combinations available on the modern market. Proper tools and preparatory work are needed for the job, but contractors and often homeowners themselves can tackle this endeavor. 

How can I visualize what my home will look like?

It’s one thing to look at pictures of houses with siding and stone, but another thing entirely to actually visualize your own home’s transformation. Luckily, tools like the Be.OnStone Visualizer help make the planning process a breeze. 

Upgrade Your Siding With Be.On Stone

Be.On Stone is the premiere stone veneer company for those looking to update their home. Be.On Stone panels are easy to install, durable, and come with a 50-year transferable warranty. You can rest assured that your investment is protected. 

We offer many different shades and styles of stone veneer perfect for interior or exterior use. Browse our inspiration page for more siding and stone color combinations. Find a location near you to buy Be.On Stone panels and elevate the look of your home!