Stone Veneer Backsplash & Other Unique Backsplash Ideas

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Best Exterior Siding Combinations With Stone Veneer
March 12, 2022

Every homeowner who wants to improve the value and luxury of their property understands that kitchen backsplash ideas are an affordable and creative way to elevate property values. Nevertheless, there are so many kitchen backsplash tile ideas to choose from that it can become a dizzying process.

Luckily, stone veneer backsplash is easy to install, comes in a wide array of appealing styles, and dramatically enhances the overall look and value of your kitchen. Ready to upgrade your kitchen? Here’s a review of stone veneer backsplash and other ideas for you to consider. 

Make Your Kitchen Stand Out With Stone Veneer Backsplash

Renovating your kitchen is no small affair. Homeowners have to determine how they want this important room to look, but they also need to take many practical things into consideration, such as how easy it will be to clean and maintain their renovations. Kitchens are naturally messy and at times downright hectic places, which is why resilient, lovely, and easy-to-clean stone veneer backsplash is an increasingly popular option for homeowners.

In addition to inspiring a timeless look, stone veneer backsplash also ensures that any wayward splashes or spraying during the cooking process are easily cleaned up. Kitchen backsplash ideas often include quirky and creative proposals that are simply not practical for the vast majority of homeowners. In addition to the texture, color, and shape of your backsplash, you’ll also need to consider installation costs and maintenance requirements. 

Installing stone veneer kitchen backsplash is common when you invest in a new stove or sink and want to truly make the new addition stand out in the kitchen. You can even find inspiration outside of your home, and have your interior stone veneer backsplash emulate the exterior of your lovely abode. Make sure to pay careful attention to color and contrast when determining which stone veneer backsplash is your favorite. 

Other Creative Kitchen Backsplash Ideas To Consider

Alternatively, you may opt for the elegance of a marble mosaic backsplash that stuns all visitors with its splendid beauty. Quartzite can also give off an incredibly sleek look that makes your kitchen into a modern culinary marvel. If you do opt for a white quartzite backsplash, consider dark colors for your cabinets and other fixtures to ensure a stark and beautiful contrast is always on display in your kitchen. 

If you’ve installed a pot-filler above your stove, consider drawing natural attention toward it with creative mosaic designs that lure in the gaze of everybody around. You may even choose to focus on the tactile sensation when considering kitchen backsplash tile ideas; Norstone rock panels have a very interesting texture to them that can add entire layers to the decorative side of your kitchen. 

For those who want to recreate the coziness and adult theme of a classy restaurant, cork backsplashes can be incredibly visually interesting and are always unique. Even if it’s not your ideal choice when it comes to kitchen backsplash ideas, you can find that cork backsplash is popular in smaller mini-bars that often accompany kitchens. 

You can also let the backsplash take the backseat and instead choose to highlight other elements of your kitchen design. This is particularly popular with homeowners who want a vibrant, colorful look to their kitchen. Painting your cabinets with vivid colors or installing flashy fixtures and elaborate handles can impress visitors whenever you’re entertaining in the kitchen. 

The Best Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Which option should an overwhelmed homeowner choose? When reviewing kitchen backsplash ideas, make sure to consider the following factors:

  • Installation costs
  • Maintenance costs
  • Availability of materials (especially during supply chain failures)
  • Aesthetic appeal
    • Color/texture/size/allure of the exotic material in question
  • Ease of cleaning

When these factors are all considered, it should be obvious that the best option for homeowners is lovely stone veneer backsplash from Be.On Stone. Be.On Stone represents a revolution in masonry that makes it easier and more affordable than ever before to add a stone aesthetic to your interior. The unmatched aesthetics come in four styles and 11 integral colors for your consideration, ensuring every homeowner can find the Be.On Stone stone veneer backsplash that’s a perfect fit for their kitchen.

The best part of all? Be.On Stone has built-in moisture protection that guarantees your kitchen renovation won’t result in expensive repairs later on. Kitchens are naturally messy places where spills are common and the threat of fire is all too real –– the power of Be.On Stone’s stone veneer backsplash will add a creative flair to your hearth and home while also making it sturdier. 

Be.On Stone panels are built to last, meaning you can confidently resell or bequeath your home to others without having to worry about the longevity of your renovations or the allure of stone’s everlasting style. Be.On Stone helps you raise property values, enhance the visual appeal of your kitchen, and clean up from meals at an affordable rate. 

Ready to install your stone veneer backsplash? Contact Be.On Stone today to ensure your kitchen is the envy of the neighborhood thanks to its stellar stone backsplash.