Stone Veneer Guide: What it is, Durability & How to Choose

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Stone veneer has been around in its current form since the 1950s. However, an air of mystery still surrounds this type of siding. That’s why we created this guide to stone veneer –– to educate people why stone veneer is an excellent home improvement upgrade. 

Read on to learn the answer to “What is stone veneer?” and much more about this faux stone siding from the experts at Be.On Stone.

What Is Stone Veneer?

So, what is stone veneer? And what is stone veneer made of? Stone veneer is a faux stone siding used in both interior remodels and exterior home projects in place of natural stone. This faux stone, called stone veneer, is very realistic and is virtually identical in appearance to real stone. 

Stone veneer is made up of a combination of cement and iron oxide pigments blended together. These materials create the luxury look of natural stone while cutting down the weight and cost. It is a cost-effective and labor efficient material to use instead of real stone.

Where Can You Use Stone Veneer?

The possibilities are endless when it comes to where you can utilize stone veneer. This product is great for both indoor and outdoor use. 

Inside your home, you may consider using stone veneer to create a beautiful fireplace, as a kitchen backsplash, as an accent wall, or on the sides of a kitchen island. Stone veneer is popular for exterior use as well.

On the exterior of your home, you may consider using stone veneer as the primary siding, creating accent walls of stone veneer, covering the sides of above ground pools or hot tubs, covering a retaining wall, or creating pillars in the front of your house.

Visit our inspiration page for examples of how stone veneer can elevate your home.

Is Stone Veneer Real Stone?

As mentioned above, no, stone veneer is not real stone. It is made of cement and iron oxide pigments as a replica of real stone. Stone veneer looks just like natural stone but is much easier to install because it is lighter weight. It is also a much more affordable option.

How Long Does Stone Veneer Last?

Stone veneer, especially Be.On Stone’s stone veneer panels are durable and long lasting. Generally stone veneer lasts for decades with proper installation and upkeep. 

The question “How long does stone veneer last?” cannot be answered definitively though as it varies depending on several factors. Proper installation, weather conditions, and manufacturers’ warranties will affect the long-term durability of stone veneer.

How Much Does Stone Veneer Cost?

How much stone veneer costs will vary depending on the type of veneer you choose and if you hire a professional to install it. On average, the cost of stone veneer is $8.12 per square foot with installation. 

Does Stone Veneer Add Curb Appeal?

Yes! Installing stone veneer is an excellent way to add curb appeal to your home. Many people add stone veneer to their homes to increase the value. Stone veneer creates the appearance of natural stone at a fraction of the price tag. It not only improves the appearance of your home but it adds value too. 

According to a cost vs. value report, homeowners can regain up to 93% of the value of natural stone with stone veneer. This means stone veneer is a very cost-effective method of updating your home and improving curb appeal.

Can Installing Stone Veneer Be a DIY Project?

Yes, installing stone veneer can be done at home! Be.On Stone’s mortarless system for stone veneer installation makes it simple. If you feel comfortable using power tools and following directions, you should be able to install Be. On Stone panels.

With the right tools prepared and some elbow grease, you can install stone veneer to your home in no time! We have a simple downloadable installation guide, or you can watch our YouTube channel for a step-by-step tutorial. 

We hope our guide to stone veneer has helped you gain a better understanding on what stone veneer is and how it is best used.

Update Your Home With Be.On Stone

If you want to add stone veneer to your home, look no further than Be. On Stone. Be.On Stone offers stone veneer panels that make installation simple. Our easy-to-install products come in many different styles and colors to match any home design. 

We also include a 50-year transferable warranty so you can rest assured that your investment is protected. Find our products at a distributor near you. Contact us today for more information about our mortarless stone veneer panels.